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Adobe Form - Overflow leader not working for nested table

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Hi All,

In my requirement, I'm having 3 level of nested table as below.

1. Vendors

1.1 Materials List (Unique Materials)

1.1.1 Material Movement List (MSEG Records)

In this form I'm having master page and the nested table is bound to the subforms.

The problem I'm facing here is, I'm not able to print the vendor information on each page as header. I've tried creating a new subform with vendor information as positioned and used this subform as overflow leader.

This problem is quite similar to the problem mentioned in the thead

The form layout structure is below

The subform vendor_material is having the 2nd and 3rd level of nested data. Once after printing the 2nd and 3rd level of data the vendor_dtl_hdr data is getting printed. But I want this data to be printed in each page as hdr.

Please suggest me to achieve this solution.


Manivel S

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