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Adjust field type properties of SDK Field

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Hello everyone,

I created an Extension field / SDK Field with Cloud Application Studio, I want this field to represent as dropdown list. Is it possible to edit the field type from enhance screen to make this as dropdown list instead of input field using extensibility explorer / other?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi koa0136,

Apart from what Florian mentioned, you can't edit the field on UI Designer to show as dropdown list in the UI, since this depends on the data type. If it is a code type, then the dropdown list will be available in the UI.

If you have an input field like in this case, you have the possibility to add an OVS to it, by making use of the "Change ID-field Configuration" operation in the UI Designer. Please refer to this video:∈dex=9&ab_channel...




Hi Keneth,

you need to use a codelist data type for your extension field. Then the field will be displayed as a dropdown automatically.

For example:

Is shown as a dropwdown-field in which you can select a language.

You can either reuse the existing codelist types or define your own if needed (


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Hi Florian & Thiago,

Thanks for your suggestion, but from codelist the field description is giving a limited character value and I think it requires not more than 50 characters. In my program I need to show Address as list from my drop down,

How is it possible? Where I can list a large length of characters like address from my dropdown still using SDK field .

Best Regards,

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Like we already said, an OVS field is the closest solution. You make your extension field an ID field for a custom BO, then make a custom OVS for your BO, then add the extension field to your standard screen and link the OVS using "Change ID-field Configuration".