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Adding more than 1 measure to the datasource filter in sac script

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Hello Folks

I am trying to add either a KG measure or LBS measure to the table based on the plant. I have 8 KFs, 4 in KG and 4 in LBS. Certain plants will show the 4 KFs that are in KG and others in LBS. So when the plant A is selected I want to only display 4 KFs in LBS while Plant B will show 4 KFs in KG.

Now I know the dimensionfilter for KFs can add only one KF to the filter in a single statement so the suggestion is to fire 4 statements (one for each KF or loop thru it) but When I add the 4 KFs to the datasource dimension filter only the last KFs shows in the table (not all 4). In this example I am not showing a plant selection but listing only KFs with "KG" in the KF description.

var ds = Table_1.getDataSource();

var dimensions = Alias.MeasureDimension;

var tt = dimensions.length;

for (var i=0; i<tt; i++) {

tt1 = Table_1.getDataSource().getMeasures()[i].description;

if (tt1.includes("KG")) {

ds.setDimensionFilter(Alias.MeasureDimension, Table_1.getDataSource().getMeasures()[i]); }


I end up with the very last KF in the table.

Before the script is fired.. at startup.

After the script is run - only the last column shows instead of 4 KFs for KG.

Please advise.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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apeeraThe system is doing exactly what your code is asking it to do. When you loop, it runs in a sequence and only the last value in loop variable i will be retained as previous 3 values were set as filters one by one. I think you need to create an array of measures with type KG and then pass that array rather than a single variable. Something like below

var ds = Table_1.getDataSource();
var measures = ArrayUtils.create(Type.MeasureInfo);

var member = ds.getMeasures();
for (var i=0; i<member.length; i++) {

var memberId = member[i].id;
var memberDescription = member[i].description;
if (memberDescription.includes("KG"))

		measures.push({id: memberId, description: memberDescription});
console.log(measures); // just to see list of measures. can be removed later

ds.setDimensionFilter(Alias.MeasureDimension, measures);



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Perfect! Thanks Nikhil for showing the code!!

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