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Adding addtional field in Decision table

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Hi All

I am new to BRF+ and have some queries on this,

I have one existing BRF+ Application. and around 1500 decision tables  pointing to the same DDIC structure.

My requirement is to add additional field in the decision table.

i enhanced the ddic structure with  the additional field and then click on the refresh binding. This includes additional field to the structure defination.

But to add additional coloumn in the decision table i need to go to table setting ->insert coloumn from data object.

is there any provision that all the decision tables can be enhanced in one go without adding additional coloumn in each  decision table



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Malik,

If you need to add fields in the output fields of decision table then result object of decision table can be directly mapped to a structure which automatically gets modified when the structure is modified and binding is refreshed.

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