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adding additional fields through SE51 to Screens

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Hi All!

I have to add custom fields to standard transaction screens through SE51.I have got the access key to modify.I also created the fields in the relevant tables.I also coded for the additional fields in the user exits based on the value assignments.

Now how shall i follow.Actually to some screen transactions i have to add these additional fields to the existing block and to some in a different block under the existing blocks.

Please advise how to config.

with regards


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Answers (2)

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Hi Pavan,

It might not be Ok if we modify SAP code direclty.

Instaed you could find some screen exits. Anyway as u have prepared the screen now u have to change code to get and set values for ur custom fields.

U need to modify flow logic or the modules specified in flow logic.



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since you have added the code in correct exit, you can try running the transaction and look for the additional fields. if they are not keep the break point in user exit, and see your code is triggering or not.

btw what is the trxn..



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Hi Vijay!

Actually i have to add 5 custom fields to the program SAPMV45A screen number 4459.I had done all the coding in the user exit .Now just i have to add these fields to the screen.

Shall i have to go for screen exits or just adding them in the element list of this program is enough.Please advise.