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add image dynamically

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hello every one

i use crystal report v10 and i want to add images dynamically from database where the the column store the path of images ,it's work in i-net -clear report designer but in crystal report v 10 i dont have the icon Graphic location (use Original Url) where i should make the url or the path of image

i'am trying with menu field hyperlink but she doesn't work ,i don't find any solution ?

thanks in advance.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Answers (2)

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Crystal 10 has been out of support for close to 20 years. You'll need to upgrade to a newer version of Crystal. The current version is Crystal 2020, which is 64-bit. Crystal 2016 is still available and is 32-bit. In either case, you'll have to upgrade your database client software to a newer version. However, your existing reports will open in the newer version without any problems, and will be upgraded when you save them.


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Need Crystal Reports 11.5 or later.