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Adaption Project / Adapt Ui / App Extension --> Lots of Errors

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We want to Adapt the UI of this Application:'F1813')/S21OP


Error 1:

As in most projects we have more clients on the Dev System.

But we have only one Client, which is open for Changes. The Client 100.

How can i Adapt the UI in the Launchpad on Client 100, when ther is no Data?

What is the recommended way to do this?

I only see here 2 Ways..

1. Create Data on Clint 100… not good 😞

2. Open Clint 110(Data) for changes…. Not good 😞


Error 2:

First i tryed to do this with direct Adapt UI on the Launchpad. (i opened Client 110)

Here we come to Error 1:

Standard App Variant (Adapt UI)

I delete a Button.

After Publish + Save the Button is back.

Button Back - Back to the View.. Button is there again.


Error 3:

The next try was to create an Adaption Project in the BAS and change it with the Visual Editor.

We can not start the Visual Editor… this is Error 3.

After a small woraround, wich should also be solved by SAP (The app asks for some Shell operation. Of course we dont have a Shell in the Visual Editor…)


Error 4

After the Workaround… back to the Adaption Project and the Visual Editor…

Also here the fields i earlyer deleted ore set on visible = false were not accepted.

After starting the visual editor again, the button didnt disappear


Error 5.

Deploy from BAS:

Created new Adaption Project on Client 110 (Client open for changes)

I get this error .. Trying deploying…


6 Error:

I could deploy the App ZF1813 to Client 100 after multiple tryings

the Fields didnt disappeared --> i deleted the Version (/UI5/DEL_ADAPTATION_PROJECT) again and tryed to create a new Adaption Project.

Visual Editor doesnt start for ZF1813.

thx for help,


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