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Activate/Deactivate Characteristic Relationship using a Function Module

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Hi All,

I was able to deactivate/activate a dataslice using a code in my process chain but is there a similar way to deactivate (and then activate back) a characteristic relationship?

Thanks for your input.


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there does not exist one.

If you relationships are of type derivation you can do the following.

If you want to load data into your cube which does not follow your characteristic relationships (do you really want this?),

you can just do so and afterwards use the function "Repost according to characteristic relationships", which will align the target characteristics in the records according to the characteristic relationships.

Kind regards,


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Hi Dietrich,

That's what I thought as well. Likewise, after further investigating

the current issue and setup in my client, I thought a simple attribute change run may suffice. Thanks for the answer.