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action with Common.IsFiscalYearPeriod annotation

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Hello all,

I have built an action in which I have to enter the period. The period is formatted and completed by the annotation Common.IsFiscalYearPeriod depending on the localisation (e.g. 1.23 becomes 001.2023 which results in 2023001 in the service). This works in normal fields, e.g. on the object page or in filters. Unfortunately not in an action. BAS also complains with the following message: Term 'Common.IsFiscalYearPeriod' cannot be applied for target kind 'Parameter'. It can be applied to 'Element'CDS (annotations)

I have a workaround at the moment, but it is not very elegant.

@UI.Placeholder : 'YYYYPPP'
@assert.format : '([1-9][0-9]{3})([0-9]{3})'

Is there something in the pipeline or am I missing something?

sample code

action addPeriod(fiscalYearPeriod : String, vendor_ID : String);
annotate addPeriod with (
@Common.IsFiscalYearPeriod: true

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