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Action Logon to System pointing to wrong client

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Here is my scenario:

I am in the status To Be Tested (E0004) and choose Logon to System. I am taken to the Development client instead of QAS.

Here is what I have checked:

- In table TSOCM_STAT_PROP I have selected Test System for E0004 for my transaction type

- My logical components are created and assigned to the correct system role

- All RFC connections to the clients are working

Any ideas? I am using a custom transaction type ZDHF

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For UC, we have some special considerations when identifying the target systems for logon action.

Every time you execute the system logon action in UC, we will check the place of the original transport requests which are created under this UC. So besides the "SRtype" configuration, we will also make sure whether the original changes have been transported successfully to the target system. If the transport request still in the development system, the action will redirect you to there.

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Khalil - yes implementing ChaRM again :-). Thanks for your insight - very helpful as always however my issue was not due to missing configuration.

Fernando - thank you for explaining this, it gave me the piece of information I was missing. We have introduced Test Transports into U'gent Corrections and for that reason the Logon to System is pointing to Dev at the point I am triggering the action.

For now I am removing that option. It looks like I'll need to modify the action method via custom development in order to force this (which I am not interested in pursuing at this time).

Thanks all, closing this thread.