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Acknowledgement in XI

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If we send the data from XI to any other legacy system...and it is failed from XI-legacy.

Is it possible to re-process from XI it self?how the XI acknowledges error message and responds back to legacy?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can restart Messages which have failed when you send it to legacy systems. You can also get "Transport Ackowledgements" if you set it up in BPM and then you can have an exception handler for your block that will trigger the Alert.

Basically you have the ability to restart failed messages in XI when they are Asynchronous. It also depends where the Message has failed. if it is data issue then you need to correct the data and resend the Message but if it is something you can resolve in Mapping then yes you can restart the failed message.



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Thanks for the reply..

Let us think if XI is sending 10,000 records to legacy system..but legacy can take 60,000 only...

How we can acheive this scenario using we can handle error issues????


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I'm facing the same issue only i'm just about

to decide on a go-nogo with xi for a project.

We have a legacy system and a SAP portal.

both sides send and receive data.

There is a need for sync. interfaces as well as roll-back and restart.

The interfaces triggered with every database change,new,edit actions for about 10 tables.

we are talking about 5000-10000 transactions per hour.

what do you say???

looking forward for an answer..


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