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ACF ActiveX error Adobe Interactive Forms

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my enviornment

server: windows 2003

WebAS 6.40 SR1 SP9

ADS 1.00 SR1 SP9

(all configured according to ads installation

and configuration guides, installed adobe

credentials file and checked password,

ADSCallers group, ADSUser security role

assigned, basic authentication set up)


windows XP home SP2

windows XP professional SP2

windows 2000 SP4

all clients have ACF installed from xACF.exe

file dated 2-2-2005

Adobe Reader 6.0.2

IE 6.0 (all ActiveX options enabled)

get the same error on all clients

from Microsoft script debugger


are there different versions of xACF.exe out there

i know the xACF_11.exe will not work with SR1 SP9

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Answers (1)

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If you are at a point in your development cycle where it is feasible, I recommend that you update to SP11. There were several issues that you may come across later in your testing that were resolved with sp10 and sp11. (I would have to dig through our list of bugs/fixes if you would like specifics.)Also, with the 7.0.0 client, the client interaction with IE is much more stable. We had many issues with Reader 6.0.2. 6.0.3 seemed to correct some, but not all. (IE would abnormally terminate when submitting forms or when cancelling forms).

We have not worked with SP9 since before the beginning of the year. We implemented SP10 in late December/early January, and saw improvement. We upgraded to sp11 in March (actually had an early version to test with prior to that) and have seen much improvement in the behavior of the client pieces as well as some server side issues with both 6.0.3 clients and especially with 7.0.0 clients. (I understand that your issues now appear to be compatibility between client and ads server, so they may or may not be resolved this way). We are currently running SP11 (with additional note 766191 for the latest xacf files), Reader 7.0.0 and 7.0.1, IE 6 on a combination of XP SP1/SP2 and win2k clients. The added bonus is that the client dll's are automatically downloaded at runtime as of SP10. (and are signed controls, so you can tighten up your browser security). This is a recommedation from a fellow tester, Matthias is the ultimate guru.