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Access to EP

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hi All ,

i want to ask one basic question regarding EP.

is it like only customers & vendors have access to EP and Employee can access it through ESS or any user can access portal.


Renu Sharma

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Hi Renu,

an EP installation is nothing else than a servlet application. So you will define who will have access to your server. ESS is a business package which can be deployed under EP. This just offers the ESS functionality for ESS on mySAP ERP 2004 through the portal. Nevertheless, you can deploy much more functionality within your EP, for the employees, for vendors, for customers... This always depends on what you want to achieve and for what kind of scenarios you have planned your EP installation...

Hope it helps


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Thanks Detlev,

ur answer is quite informative.

Actually i m new to SAP EP so i asked that question ....

can you tell me some more things...or if there is any link on sdn which will answer all these queries.

in any SAP project ..what are the advantages of implementing EP.

what all the additional efforts that are required or EP imlementation?

Is it pssible to use same server or seperate server is required for EP implementation.

Thanks & Regards,

Renu Sharma