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about workflow container

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workflow containers are created while automatic binding in workflow . but two containers are created . i don't know why?

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Answers (2)

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Hi VA,

check whether your sub-type is delegated to the supertype (there could be another sub-type getting delegated).

check if the container you want is available as one of it.

If both containers are same, you could delete one.


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Hii VA,

I think u r miss interpreting it.

As per my understanding you will be trying autobinding b/w workflow and Task.

In this case you get all the elements of Workflow in the WF-Container and all the elements of task in the Task-Container.

May be you are confusing urself with 2 containers bcoz u r getting one from WF to task and other from Task to WF.

See.....Upper one is to tranfer the values(via matching the corresponding elements) from WF to task.

Similarly lower one is to tranfer values from task to WF.

Another binding u get are

1) B/w Task and method where u get task and method container, so according to requirtement(rather saying according to import and export params. of method, You bind task and method element.

2) B/w WF and event container(this u get once u r giving the triggering event for WF) where u might be assigning the creator of event as WF_initiator.

So every time be it WF or task or method or event container, U get only those fields which u have added as the element(or tsome element may be default created).

<b>Another thing to add, once u create automatic binding b/w WF and task, it generates all the elemnts in the WF which are there in the task container but not available in WF container.</b>

This also might help to clear ur concept....

Hope it helps u upto an extent.

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