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About the MultiCube Query Design

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I create a MultiCube(Opportunity & Activity) in BW,upload data from CRM.

The business scenario is One Opportunity can link to one or more Activity.So I want to create a Query to link the two cube infomation.

I indetification like this:

Guid Opportunity-0CRM_OHGUID,Activity-0CRM_OPPGUI.

Description from Opportunity.

Number from Activity.

The other characterisitic all from both cube.

But when I execute the query on this multicube. The description from Activity.and Number form Activity but can not corresponding to Opportunity.

Hope this clear.Hope anyone can give me some advices for this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think when u create a muticube there is an 'identification' button,on clicking this u get a screen where u can specify the value of which characteristic in muticube should map to which infoprovider's characteristic.

As the characteristics in your case are present in both the infoproviders,u need to tick the checkboxes for both the(same) characteristics from the 2 infoproviders that map to the multicube's required characteristic.

Maybe the mapping in your case is made only to the characteristics from Activity but not made for Opportunity.



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