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About sap bw system Copy or backup ?(URGENT)

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Hi gurus:

Hi friends,I saw many theads about this subject,and I found many documents,But STILL I can't find the way to solve my problem.

It is: How to export the objects I created in develop system to a harddisk, then import it to the QA system . Dev to QA with harddisk NOT online?

And can I backup the whole bw system in the harddisk,and restore the bw system in the qa system istead ? how to backup the bw system ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Zegion,

I think the following may help you:

Purpose: Preserves logical system dependent objects for restoration in case of a system copy issue when a logical source system is deleted or deactivated. BW will auto re-generate a lot, but not these objects.

1. Create on a development system like BWD, because the system is set as a development system in SCC4 and can create and export transports, and will include all objects. A dummy can be used for comparison if the system to be copied is production or test.

a. If creating on another system, like BW test (BWT) or production, you must first open the system in

i. SE06 – System Change option – modifiable /BIC and /BI0

ii. SCC4 – client settings – set like in BW Development system (BWD)

iii. STMS – in client 000 from BWD (domain controller)

1. Remove BWT from transport path

2. Setup new 2-system path BWT-BW? (BWS or virtual system). This creates a ZOUO transport layer, allowing creation of non-local/not $TMP package transports (see complex sample below)

2. Go to RSA1-Admin workbench, Transport Connection

a. Select Object Types

b. Set for Grouping-“Save for system copy”

c. Set for “Start manual” collection

d. Set for Display “List”

3. Drag and drop source system (select from “select objects” list and “transfer selection”) to collection window, example – SCEM, SC0CLNT575, DEVCLNT100, SAP_DEMO. I recommend only doing one source system at a time for maximum flexibility…and because the R3 sources are very large.

a. Then execute collection – “Gather dependent objects”

b. Select each category (mainly Transfer Rules, Transfer structure and InfoPackages…whatever is selected. On each header, right click and select “transfer all below”

c. Validate that there are no objects in the $TMP development package (DevClass). If it is, select the object and change package button to set to ZAWB. (Anything but $TMP (local))

d. NOTE- To reset transport connection, select anything on the left frame of the screen to refresh

4. You are now ready to transport…select the truck icon to create

a. Call it Save for System Copy and the source system name

b. Go to SE09/SE10 and release it and tasks to the OS level

5. Cleanup – reset STMS and distribute, reset SCC4 and SE06 on “BW0”/Source BW system

6. Verify RSA1- Tools – mapping of source system names on target BW system (i.e. BWU) for “source system” of transport (i.e. SC0CLNT575).

7. Verify RSA1- Modeling-Source system connection checks OK on target system

8. Manually import transport in STMS – Import Queue, extras, other requests, Add (to buffer). Import single with right click or partially loaded truck icon, select options as below:

9. LAST STEP – Validate import logs and activated objects. If there is an error, ensure the link to the new system is active, the RSA1-Tools-Mapping of source system names converts properly from say DEVCLNT100 to TSTCLNT200 (correct frame of reference) and reimport.

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