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Abap report painter tool

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I have to modify the report output in about 6 different reports thats written with ABAP. I am looking for some type of tool to help me to rewrite the screen output.

It's very tedious to write the code using the 'Write AT'

command because these reports have lots of columns on the screens. I would be very helpful if I could find something that would allow me to paint the screens the way I want them and then it create the ABAP code.

Thanks for your help

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Developer Advocate
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Such a tool does not exist. I agree, writing reports using the WRITE AT statement are very tedious to write and even more tedious to modify. This is why I usually write reports presenting data in an ALV grid. This way adding a column is really easy. You will not find any such tool to help you layout a report using WRITE statements.

The closest thing available is the SQ01 transaction where you are creating queries, here you have the ability to move columns around and add new columns using a semi-graphic layout tool, but again, this only works for queries, not other "report" programs.

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Rich Heilman