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ABAP download service error

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Hello Experts,

As a part of SAP Support Backbone, we're configuring ABAP download service inorder to automatically update the CIM model and CR content automatically using the option "Automatic import into LMDB" (without SLD) but we're facing the error "Cannot validate file name and path; check the entered values" for the scheduled job "SAP_LMDB_DOWNLOAD_CONTENT" eventhough all the configuration steps are performed correctly according to the below link:

Any ideas are appreciated.



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@gangadhar Refer to resolution steps mentioned in the SAP note below, check if it is of use to resolve your problem.


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My browser wont let me upload screenshot

Job started Step 001 started (program RLMDB_IMPORT_DOWNLOAD_CONTENT, variant &0000000000042, user ID SM_DL_LDB) Sending request for download metadata for next job run (download user S0000xxxxxx Retrieving import metadata from SAP Support Portal for namespace active Looking for newer SAP model version to be downloaded Latest available model version in SAP Support Portal: 1.6.57 Current CR content version in namespace active: 1.6.57 No newer SAP model version found Looking for newer SAP CR content to be downloaded... Latest available CR content version in SAP Support Portal: 15.10 Current CR content version in namespace active: 15.8 Found for download: (Aggregate) from version 14.12 to 15.10 (CRDelta151610_0-80004391.ZIP) Starting the download of content for the import with user S0000xxxxx File: CRDelta151610_0-80004391.ZIP ( Download service status code: 05 (Stopped) Task configuration changed No virus scan profile is selected as the "default profile" Cannot execute virus scan HTTP client: receive method failed with return code SY_SUBRC 1 Execution stopped; check log Download using SAP NW Download Service failed: HTTP client: receive method failed with return code SY_SUBRC &1& ERROR: Cannot open connection to download service. See long text. Please refer to SAP Note 2771740 for help Start writing exceptions stack recursively An exception of class CX_LMDB_FILE_DOWNLOADER_ERR occurred Exception was raised in class CL_LMDB_IMPORT_FILE_DOWNLOADER (method HANDLE_NON_SUCCESSFUL_DOWNLOAD line: 23 HTTP client: receive method failed with return code SY_SUBRC &1& End of exception stack Internal session terminated with a runtime error UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION (see ST22) Job cancelled

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anyone solve this issue, I have a similair one.

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Hello gangadhar,

I know it is bit confusing but please check your file path below.

Hope this will help



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Hi Gangadhar.

Check this SAP note link



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You should contact SAP.

I had the same issue a few weeks ago.

SAP said there was an issue with their backend delievery service and asked me to do it manually.

But, I think best way for you is to raise a ticket with SAP for this.

Best Regards,