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ABAP CDS View in RSRT: Filter on Master Data empty

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Hello colleagues,

we have a ABAP CDS View Query which should later be consumed in analytical Fiori Apps (Query Browser). We are on S/4 Hana 1610 (NW 751 SP01).

In this query we populate data from SAP Tables like: PRPS (Projects), PA0002 (HR), an catsdb.

The problem is that the query does not recognize the master data from these tables.
This results in empty search helps - See Screenshot from RSRT:

In this case the Projects from table PRPS should be displayed in the search help.


The query view selects from a Cube, which selects from basic views and database tables. I tried a lot of things but did not find a solution. I think that the solution is connected with the @ObjectModel.foreignkey and @ObjectModel.text.element annotations.

Question: How needs the basic view to be coded to get Master Data in Query?

Example from the Basic View:

What needs to be done to populate master data in CDS Queries?

Thank you very much!

kind regards,

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