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800 records limitation with CDS View in SAP DataSphere

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Hi all,

We have an "SAP S/4HANA On-Premise" connection in SAP DataSphere with the DP Agent and we want to use the standard ABAP CDS View "CSDBILDOCITMBDX1" for Billing and Delta capabilities.

This CDS View has 3.919 records:


But when we create a remote table in SAP DataSphere and we "Load New Snapshot" we are only capable of fetch 800 records instead of 3.919:

SAP DataSphere - Remote Table.png

SAP DataSphere - Monitor.png

Is there any system configuration or any limitation in SAP DataSphere in order to fetch all the data from an ABAP CDS View?

Best regards and thanks in advance! 🙂

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi @Alti 

I've fully replicated C_BILLINGDOCITEMBASICDEX_1 - CSDBILDOCITMBDX1 as remote table in Datasphere for just out of curiosity. I've seen that all data replicated fully. Remote Tables - Replicated (Snapshot) using HANA Smart Data Access (SDA). There might be some limitations around SDA but I could not find any! 

You may try firstly using Data Integration Monitor - Data Replication - Start Replication - instead of running Load New Snapshot directly from Data Builder.  Also you may Remove Replicated Data before trying again.


I'm sure you might already tested some other CDS Views from S/4HANA but you can test other CDS Views and see if the same limitations can be observed. 

Hope it helps.



Hi @TuncayKaraca!

I've tried your proposal and everything is OK, maybe something had been misconfigured but now it returns the amount of data correctly.

Now I'm testing the Real-Time data replication in order to check de delta changes and it's also working fine.

Thanks Tuncay for your time!

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@Alti That's great! It's good to hear all these working well - including delta changes.

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