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503 Service not available , NW2004S Java

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Hi All,

I have installed NNW2004s with only JAVA for EP. DB is oracle 10. After installation, I ran JCMON and everything looked fine. Server, SDM and Dispatcher are running. Dev_disp, dev_server0 did not show error messages. But when I try to access http://servername:port/ , I am gettingn error that services are stopped.

OS : Solaris

DB: Oracle

For me it looked weird becuase of services are running but webpage displays services are stopped.

Please let me know if you anyone had come across this situation and help me to resolve this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What do you see in "jcmon"? Server, Dispatcher and SDM running?

If yes, check the logfiles default*.trc for errors.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Pallav, I dont remember the lock names, Just look for locks which are very old and delete them


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This problem has been resolved.

Solution: Deleted locked objects in Visual Admin and after that I was able to acess the site without any issue.

Thanks for responding to my queries.

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Can u please tell us what all are locked the objects you unlocked in VA.

As we are facing same problem in the context of ECC server ( ABAP + JAVA installation )

Following is the screenshot for the same.


503 Service not available


Error: -6

Version: 7000

Component: J2EE Server

Date/Time: Mon Jul 30 19:33:56 2007

Module: http_j2ee_mt.c

Line: 818

Server: sapdev_DEV_00

Error Tag:

Detail: Cannot reach external Application Server on localhost:50000

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Can you please post the exact error message? If all the services are running, am sure the server is up. There may be few other issues with logging...please post the trace file.