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401 Unauthorized error where redirecting back from external site to portal

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In Cloud Foundry, We have deployed the MTA Application with HTML Application and created Tile in Portal. From UI Application, we are redirecting to external site for some activity, and again redirecting to our portal. While redirecting from external site to Portal, we are getting 401 Unauthorized issue.

Flow of the application is mentioned below

1.In Portal, UI Application passes input to a Java application, which encrypts data and sends back to UI along with an external URL.

2.The UI redirects to the external URL received from Java application, then the end user does some process in the external website.

3.Once the user completes the activity, the external site redirects to the Java application with encrypted response. While navigating back to the Java application, we are getting 401 error.

While navigating from UI to the external site (Step 2), the XSUAA token is getting forwarded. But when the redirection happens from the external site back to the Java application (Step 3), the token is not getting validated.

The same scenario worked properly in the Neo environment, but facing issues while migrating the same application to Cloud Foundry.


Yogeshwaran S

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With Portal do you mean the on Premise NetWeaver Java based Portal?

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