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2lis_02_itm records are flagged as "R" while extraction;

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Hi All,

Under 2lis_02_itm few purchase order records are flagged as "R" while extraction due to which these records are being deleted from our DSO. however these records should not have this cancellation/reversal flag as per business users.

Even though the field LOEKZ is blank in backend tables, but while extraction (in RSA3 and also in BW) we see "R" for those records.

Also after few days the same records are being flow into BW as new records. So the PO's keep appearing and disappearing from our BW provider.

Is there a reason why few purchase order records are being flagged as "R" in the first place,

Could you please help on what and where exactly this flag is being populated from. If any change is triggering this "R" flag then where can i go and check it and confirm.

Kindly advise

Thank you!

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