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Hi !

I need to add 0BILL_DATE to 0SD_C03 cube.

Do i have to add 0BILL_DATE as a characteristic of 0SD_C03

or as a time characteristic of 0SD_C03?

If i have to add it as a time characteristic,

how do i connect 0BILL_DATE to 0CALDAY ( i need that 0CALDAY will

refer to 0BILL_DATE ).

Please answer me in detail .



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0BILL_DATE add as another common characteristic in another dimension, not time dimension. The assignation between 0BILL_DATE and 0CALDAY should be done in update rules or you can use 0CALDAY intead of 0BILL_DATE and not enhance the cube..

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Hi Oscar,

if possible can you please clarify on how to get billing date wise reporting in 0sd_c03 cube.

because what i could see is ERDAT is mapped to 0calmonth in header datasources and in item datasources all cal day,calmonth etc are mapped to update statistics .but my requirement is to show billing date wise reporting on 0sd_c03.

My assumed answers are

for billing data sources alone if i change erdat mapping to calmonth with fkdat (vdhdr) and in item datasource (vditm ) map alltime relevant objects with 0bill_date and leave rest datasources as it is.

please let me know if its possible in same cube to report on bill_ date ,if so please give me detail steps.