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0IC_C03 data reload from PSA

Hi All,

Last month, we have reloaded 0IC_C03 cube from ECC and data looks good.We have reloaded data from 2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM datasources.

Now there is a new requirement to map 0CUSTOMER from 2LIS_03_BX datasource to 0IC_C03 cube. 0Customer is already loaded up to 2LIS_03_BX PSA. Now question is:

Is it possible to reload data from PSA for all three datasources after deleting data from cube ? I will follow the same sequence as I have follwed when I reloaded from ECC ?

Can you please share your thoughts on this ?

We have not deleted any data from PSA.



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If you have data in PSA, It should not be a problem if you load it in CUBE from PSA with proper steps.

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