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0Employee_attr slow

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0Employee_attr is taking about an hour for about 500,000 records.  I have implemented SAP note 1063469 to set up parallel processing but it did not help any.

When I watch the job execute in SM37, the job log shows that is has started program SBIE0001 and shows some variable values in the first 20 or so lines and then nothing else for the first 50 minutes of execution.  After that time, at the end of the hour that it takes to run, the log then shows lots of activity where the data is being transferred to BW.  (So the largest chunk of time is SBIE0001 running collecting the data, right?)

We are running:

Component version ECC 6.0

Software component SAP_HR = 600, Release = 600, Level = 84, Highest Support = SAPKE60084

Can anything else be done to speed up this extractor?


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Answers (2)

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Consider this note
Note 1808235 - 0EMPLOYEE_ATTR: performance improvement it helped us a lot

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hi paul,

plz refer the below link