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0CUST_SALES_LKDH_HIER (with Common Divisions) link with 0CUST_SALES

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Hello SCN Community,

We have activated the extraction of the datasource 0CUST_SALES_LKDH_HIER to get customer hierarchy in BW. But we are facing difficulties in linking it with 0CUST_SALES. The reason is because our Customer Master data is maintained with common divisions (Ex. AAAA/BB/00) while for sales orders, the users have to input the sales org/dist. channel/division (AAAA/BB/CC).

Since the link between these two datasources are done via their compounded keys, we are not able to link the hierarchy with the 0CUST_SALES.

I have searched SCN forum for the solution but they are not focused on the issue with common divisions. I have also tried to look for a SAP note to address this issue but so far have been unsuccessful.

I would be grateful if you can provide with some insights how to tackle this scenario or point me to any solution which I may have missed.

Best regards

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