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Hi experts-

How can I get data into 0CALDAY in following scenarios. Given that I have chosen 0CALDAY as time characteristic in my InfoCube definition.

ONE: I have filed (mm/dd/yy) in my flat file.

TWO: I have ODS object that has Data filed (an InfoObject) of type CHAR. (This is actually feeded from the file).

I am not sure do I need to create any InfoObject corresponding to this date field in my InfoCube and then assign (don't know how) to 0CALDAY.

I appreciate your help.


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If your dats i sin the format: mm/dd/yy

You need to write ABAP to convert it into YYYYMMDD if you want to map this to 0calday. You can write in Updsate Rules too.

Ram C.

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Based on your replies, I think I can do as below.

Specify 0CALDAY in communication struct. while defining infoSource to load transactional data and assign date filed from flat file to this in transfer rules.

Am I correct?, If yes, can we also load the data as Masterdata. I mean using an infosource just for 0CALDAY and having file (or from ODS) with just one field.

Normally how this is done when using R3 as source system, is it loaded during transactional data load or separately loaded as master data?