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What was the aim of developing AS ABAP NetWeaver developer edition to SEE?          

AS ABAP NetWeaver developer edition with different releases based on ASE database provide a great platform for trying out ABAP languages and toolset.                            

One of the main prerequisites to run this software, is to have 6GB RAM at least, how if you have less resources or old hardware?! Can you run it? Sure, you can’t.

 From here we came with the idea of SEE (Small Education Edition). To downsize regular developer edition to run on limited resources availability.

What had been done on original edition?                                                                      

 The target specified by enabling AS ABAP NetWeaver developer edition users, run new version with 4GB RAM, evolution of configuring memory distributing (4GB) done on three level to allocate ‘%30’ for ASE database, ‘%50’ for AS ABAP and ‘%20’ for Operating System.                    

 On database level (ASE DB) as shown on structure below, a major part of system tuning is reducing contention for system resources. As number of users decreases, contention for resources such as data and procedure caches, spinlocks on system resources, and the CPUs decreases. The probability of logical lock contention also decreases, major assessing on SEE done on number user connection to ASE and there uses of resources, according to that caches, buffers and shared memory downsized which made consuming only %30 of the total RAM

As we know AS ABAP have the use of dispatcher which is collecting different kind of requests from user and distributing them to worker process, the major evolves done on number of worker processes, number of requests to be processed parallelly in the enqueue server, according to that ABAP buffers, memory pools and main memory downsized.

What are the differences?

 Less memory means less resources, the main difference between AS ABAP SEE with AS ABAP NetWeaver developer edition are resources limitation on both ASE and AS ABAP level.Host Agent and ATM (Automatic table maintenance) which’s a part of DBA cockpit, not available on current edition.


SEE download information:

ASE Small education edition available as two file versions.

  • fully functional Docker version based on OpenSUSE, require downloading one (.tgz) file with few processing steps to run it.

  • fully functional VM version based on Ubuntu Server, require downloading one (.zip) which can run easily on virtualization environment like VMware workstation pro, VMware player...