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Alibaba and Amazon became significant competitors for many Wholesales Distributors because they tackle “bread and butter” warehouse business of self-explaining, low to middle price products. Wholesale distributors no longer need to monitor revenues and margins only, but the business they might sneakily loose to those competitors. They need to know about customers who start ordering from other online stores, because of low prices or extremely fast delivery.

Questions like: How big is my return ratio? How many sales orders are rejected? Do my customers “cherry picking” for promotion articles? are no longer sufficient. More critical are questions about the trend and key influencers. Do I lose loyal customers over time? What are the key influencers of my customer churn?

To react effectively to negative trends before the economic value is impacted, requires a next-generation data discovery not only for data scientists, but also for business users.

SAP offers a next-generation analytics cloud solution, called "SAP Analytics Cloud" at low risk, with high security, and with low cost of implementation and maintenance, especially targeted for business users. Now, it includes predictive services as "Smart Insights", a new feature which is available at each data point,  where you can get visual and textual information at one click.


With Predictive Services you can predict trends in so called "Time Series Forecasts", but also uncover key influencers of KPI's with regression and classification techniques.

In this video, you get information and a demo about SAP Analytics Cloud and the new built in predictive analytics capabilities.

In their definition of  "Smart Data Discovery", Gartner recommends for Business Intelligence and analytic leaders to plan for adoption as capabilities mature. Wholesale Distribution companies should not stay behind.