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So you attended a CodeJam on IoT? What do you do next?

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a big buzz word(s) your hear these days. Everything is connected, your appliances are 'smart', let's learn your habits to make your life easier. I find it hilarious when my mom tells me she doesn't want to get a Nest Thermostat because she doesn't want people to have access to her data. If you wanted to go 'off the grid', let's start to consider what you would have to get rid of:

  • Cell phone

  • Laptop

  • Tablet

  • Credit Card

  • Bank Account

  • Stay completely off the internet

  • Fitbit/fitness tracker

  • Apple watch/smart watch

  • Car

  • Electronic bus/transit pass

  • Your job (most likely)

  • etc

You get the point? Everything we do produces data about ourselves. What is our preference when we grocery shop? Do we choose conventional or organic groceries? Produce or processed? How do you get to work in the morning: public or private transportation? What temperature do you like your house? How about your bed? Where are places your frequent? People you frequently talk to?

Now, here's where IoT comes in. You have an abundance of data about yourself and your world and, for the most part, the world as a whole. But what can you do with that data? How can you use it to make your life better? To make someone else's life better? To make everyone's life better?

We can understand the use case of the Fitbit pretty quickly: by tracking my steps and food and activity, I can see how many calories I am consuming and burning so I can work on my weight loss goals. I can use a social network, a connected network of people, to create challenges to motivate me.

But what about enterprise? Enterprises are considered slow-moving, monolithic entities. They can't be using the new technology, right?

Well, no. That's not right! SAP has been implementing, refining, and building their IoT offering and solutions for a while. A lot of people asked at the CodeJams, so how does this work in industry? What is SAP doing with IoT? Here are some solutions to take a look at!

For more solution videos, check out the IoT Playlist on SAP Technology's YouTube page!