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We're excited to announce the November 2013 release of SAP Jam. This release is significant for SAP Jam as it includes major new integrations for the enterprise, tighter integration into SAP CRM, and a revolutionary concept in enterprise social software called "work patterns." To learn more about work patterns, read the following blog posts:

In this release, we've focused on three themes to continue to make SAP Jam the leader in enterprise social software:

  • Work patterns
  • Integrating SAP Jam into a SharePoint-based enterprise landscape
  • Customer requests and usability improvements

Note: Capabilities mentioned in this document vary by SAP Jam edition and may not be available or visible within your SAP Jam system.

Work patterns

A work pattern is a pre-built collaborative process that combines expertise, content, and best practices with real-time business data and applications. Work patterns help people collaborate within the business processes and applications they already use – rather than in separate, disconnected silos of collaboration – so that they can ultimately complete their work faster and more effectively.

The first work patterns we’ve created are for sales professionals – to help them manage accounts and opportunities, create deal rooms, and engage with customers. To support the new work patterns for sales, we’ve created new SAP Jam group templates that pull live data from SAP CRM. For specific requirements, please refer to the SAP Jam What's New documentation for November 2013 available at

In addition to the data from SAP CRM that's automatically included in work patterns, there are two ways to see more details for business records:

  • The details view: If you’re in an account management group, click the details link to see a detailed view of account information,directly within SAP Jam. If you’re in a deal room, click the details link to be taken to an opportunity detail page. If you have an SAP CRM account, you'll also be able to click through directly to the record within SAP CRM.
  • The related objects browser: Click this link to see a view of related business records that you can browse and view. Within an account management group, you’ll see related opportunities, service requests, and other records that have been featured to your group. Within an opportunity management group, you'll see the link to the related objects browser once a business record has been featured in the group.

Integrating SAP Jam into a SharePoint-based enterprise landscape

The November 2013 release introduces two key enterprise technology integrations - both of which have been driven by customer requests.

  • Integrating SAP Jam with Microsoft SharePoint for content management (CMIS)
  • Integrating SAP Jam with Microsoft SharePoint Federated Search

SAP Jam CMIS connector for Microsoft SharePoint

The new content management connector for Microsoft SharePoint makes it possible to use SharePoint as a CMIS repository within SAP Jam. For specific requirements, please refer to the SAP Jam What's New documentation for November 2013 available at

What this means is that members of SAP Jam groups can now collaborate around documents stored within SharePoint document repositories. Group members can browse repository folders directly within SAP Jam’s user interface - and view, comment on, and download documents without being connected to their company's VPN.

If a new version of a file is uploaded to the SharePoint server, that new version is reflected in SAP Jam immediately. Group members can also see prior versions of documents and copy content from the SharePoint server to an SAP Jam group.

SAP Jam Federated Search connector for Microsoft SharePoint

We’re also happy to introduce a new Federated Search connector for Microsoft SharePoint based on the OpenSearch standard. If your company uses Microsoft SharePoint as your corporate portal, you’ll now be able to integrate SAP Jam with SharePoint’s Federated Search capability.

Federated Search allows SharePoint users to search for public SAP Jam groups and content from within SharePoint. The SharePoint server communicates with SAP Jam and instantly returns the appropriate results within SharePoint’s own results. Users can then click on the results and be taken to the group or content within SAP Jam.

Customer requests and usability

The SAP Jam team is always eager to incorporate customer requests and feedback into a release. For this release, we’re including the following new customer-requested functionality. For more details, please refer to the SAP Jam What's New documentation for November 2013 available at

New functionality

  • Task widget: Exposes task information in wiki pages
  • Multi-page overview and navigation: Group admins can easily create navigation for SAP Jam groups, making it easier to organize content within groups into tabs
  • Hide content areas within SAP Jam groups: Group admins can hide the content section, forums, questions or discussions (or any combination thereof) from group members
  • Disable @@notify mass notification
  • Per-document, read only, and no-downloading permissions: Document owners and admins can specify whether a document can be downloaded or edited
  • Group trash: Group admins can recover files accidentally deleted by a user
  • Customizable kudos (badges have been renamed "kudos"): Site admins can add new custom kudos and disable individual kudos
  • Remove the 255 character limit on most text input

Notable enhancements

  • Auto-cycling carousel mode of the people widget: The carousel mode now cycles through people automatically
  • Forum widget shows the topic
  • External users (non-employees) can now use the SAP Jam mobile client
  • Mobile client can now see Q&A forums

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