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Dear SAP Community,

In this edition of our quarterly What’s New blog, we are happy to introduce the latest features that were released for SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad in Q1 2023.

SAP AI Core is SAP’s runtime for heavy-load AI. It allows you to train and deploy your AI models cost-efficiently at scale. Make your choice from a broad range of storage, CPU and GPU service plans and benefit from auto scaling and accelerated performance with GPU support.

SAP AI Launchpad is the central application to access and manage your AI use cases. Connect to multiple runtimes, such as SAP AI Core, and streamline the AI lifecycle management of your use cases. Leverage SAP AI Launchpad to monitor your models and continuously improve their performance.


Scheduling of Executions

In this quarter, we introduced the capability to schedule executions in SAP AI Core to run them only one or recurrently. You can use this new feature to schedule (re)trainings to continuously improve your model based on the latest data, or schedule batch inferences for use cases that require a periodic inference such as once every week. With all that, you require no manual effort anymore and benefit from more automation!

To manage all your schedules, head to SAP AI Launchpad to create new, edit existing, and delete old ones. For recurring schedules, you specify the recurrence following the cron specification and optionally you can provide a start and end date for which this schedule should be active.

Help: SAP AI Core – Training Schedules | Help: SAP AI Launchpad – Schedules

On-Demand Git Sync

As a user of SAP AI Core, you create so-called applications to sync the content in your Git repository with SAP AI Core. Until now, the sync happened periodically at a 3-minute interval. Now, we are super excited to introduce the option for an on-demand sync in addition to the periodic one!

Using the on-demand sync, SAP AI Core will immediately retrieve the content from your Git repository, so that there is no waiting time for you anymore. You can access the on-demand sync via a dedicated API endpoint or more conveniently via SAP AI Launchpad. With this new feature, you gain a more responsive development experience on SAP AI Core and can iterate faster over your changes.

Help: SAP AI Core – Create an Application to Sync Your Folders | Help: SAP AI Launchpad – Create an Application

Generic Secrets

SAP AI Core offers the capability to store generic secrets that can hold any credentials and sensitive information that you need in your AI workflows in addition to the already existing secrets for object stores and Docker.

In SAP AI Launchpad, you can now manage all your generic secrets! You can create new, edit existing, and delete unused ones. You can even decide whether secret should be shared across all scenarios and users or only within a specific resource group which usually present a specific user or customer. With that, SAP AI Launchpad becomes even tighter integrated with SAP AI Core, so that you have to spend even less effort to interact with SAP AI Core’s API directly.

Help: SAP AI Core – Manage Generic Secrets | Help: SAP AI Launchpad – Manage Generic Secrets in SAP AI Core

Managing Multiple Executions or Deployments

SAP AI Launchpad now provides the capability to select multiple executions or deployments and to stop or delete them in one go. As the operations specialist of your AI use case, you benefit from a productivity boost by easily cleaning up old and unused or falsy executions or deployment and safeguard your costs.

The same is also possible via the API directly. However, pay attention that you need to enable bulk updates specifically in your execution and deployment templates.

Help: SAP AI Core – Workflow Templates | Help: SAP AI Core – Serving Templates

Artifact URL

Last but not least, you can now find the object store-specific URL for each of your artifacts. This makes it easier for you to locate the respective artifacts in your object store and to perform any required operations.

This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad. You can find more details on these features in the SAP Help Portal and the respective pages for SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad.

If you have any questions, you can comment below or post a question with the SAP AI Core tag or SAP AI Launchpad tag. Also check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features.

For more information on SAP AI Core & SAP AI Launchpad: