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This is my first blog in the SAP for Mobile area of SCN. As some of you might know, I am a product manager in SAP Gateway and currently focusing on Integration Gateway. If you don't know much about Integration Gateway and how it differs from SAP Gateway, you might want to read my blog There is a gateway for that ... that I wrote back in March. You can learn more about Integration Gateway in this blog where you will also find a webinar recording. Furthermore, if you really liked Integration Gateway and want to get your hands dirty with it, you don't want to miss my colleague Bjoern's blog on provisioning an OData service based on all supported datasources.

On September 11, 2014, SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP04 was released with many enhancements. As an integral part of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, Integration Gateway also delivered some enhancements in support package 04. In this document, I will provide a short introduction to these enhancements.

Design-time (Eclipse plug-in)

  • Versioning support for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 SP03 and SP04
  • Simplified user-experience (UX) particularly for SOAP and wizards in general
  • OData Designer enhancements, including support for cut&paste of entities between different models

Custom Extensions via Scripts

  • JavaScript and Groovy based scripting support
  • Both Request and Response mappings can be customized
  • All datasources (ODC, SOAP, JDBC and JPA) are supported
  • Some of the things that can be achieved via custom scripting
    • Delta Token & Tombstones
    • Mapping of multi-part WSDLs (that cannot be mapped via the user interface)
    • Various SOAP authentication mechanisms
    • Access to HTTP header variables

Gateway-cockpit Enhancements

  • A number of usability improvements; including better session timeout handling
  • Ability to test connections to the defined destination
  • Harmonization of the URLs between Gateway Cockpit and the provisioned OData services

OData Capabilities

  • Most system query operations (e.g. $orderby, $skip, $top, $select, etc.) are supported for all datasources.
  • Associations and Navigations are supported (with some restrictions).
  • More details are explained in SAP note 1931374.

I know that this level of detail is too little to satisfy your thirst. But rest assured, you will see more details, samples and tutorials in the coming days.