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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

New maintenance dates for SAP Solution Manager!

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 maintenance extended in line with the SAP Business Suite 7 strategy:

Focused Insights are included in the usage rights of SAP Solution Manager since January 2020 with the same maintenance conditions as SAP Solution Manager.


AP and RD dashboards are deprecated

The Application Performance (AP) dashboard and Readiness (RD) dashboard are deprecated in this release. The dashboards are not removed but will be in a future release.


Additional Project Management charts

New cumulation / burn-down metrics for the DP_CRM.

CRM documents are aggregated to derive accumulation or burn-down metrics.



Control your Custom Code

The data provider DP_ATC supports the DYNAMIC_TABLE Renderer.

Get table views for detailed information on ABAP objects for your ATC results.



Improved Alert Management

DP_ALERT_SEARCH: A new data source provides you with the metrics for number of alerts and alerts duration based on multiple filters (status, use-cases, alerts names, monitored objects, …).



Access to all Security & Compliancy information

The DP_SECURITY provides client, instance, host, configuration items to display all details for your security & compliancy dashboards.



Support of SAP WEB Dispatcher System

The Tactical dashboard reports the availability and hardware resources consumption for the SAP WEB Dispatchers.



Manage your Service Level Objectives

All service level renderers supports 3 new SLA Types: Direction (Trend based SLA), Raw (Value based SLA) and Range (limit based SLA).


Manage large datasets with Dynamic Table Renderer

With a new data renderer (Dynamic_Table_Paging), you can manage large data sets using paging for table charts.


Better control on alerts situation

Display the number of alerts in your operations dashboard.


API integration

Expose any metrics managed by Focused Insights to the SAP Analytics Cloud via oData services.



Additional Information for Focused Insights


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