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SAP TechEd is over, and you got already valuable new information. Now the end of the year is upcoming, and I want to provide a wrap up of important innovations we have released over the last two months. Some of them you might have seen already during our Monthly Updates webinar late November.

SAP Integration Suite highlights are:

  • Next-generation hybrid integration with Edge Integration Cell

  • Auto-registration of developers in API business hub enterprise

  • New design of API business hub enterprise will get default

  • In-built retry functionality in the HTTP receiver adapter

  • Urgent reminder: upgrade to new version of third-party connectors now

  • Inspect system memory usage in Cloud Integration

  • Analysis of metered messages in Cloud Integration

  • Upcoming new openSAP course about B2B scenarios

  • Update on B2B libraries cXML, ASC X12, and Tradacoms

  • Import customer-extended IDocs in Integration Advisor

  • Support for the ProcessDirect adapter in Trading Partner Management

  • Custom search attributes in B2B monitoring

  • New rules for Migration Assessment

  • New templates for migration tooling

  • Support for older SAP Process Orchestration releases

  • New learning journey on define and execute an enterprise integration strategy

  • Subscription to integration and event packages

Next-generation hybrid integration with Edge Integration Cell

Within the SAP TechEd executive keynote we have announced that the Edge Integration Cell, our flexible hybrid integration runtime, is now generally available. This new extension to SAP Integration Suite allows customers to manage APIs and run integration scenarios within private landscapes, offering features such as flexible deployment in customer-managed private Kubernetes environments, local data processing for data compliance, and business continuity during temporary connectivity loss. This brings greater flexibility and control over integrations and APIs in heterogeneous and distributed environments of enterprises. With the combination of capabilities and the introduction of API artifacts, it is even possible to add traffic and security policies to the mediation of messages with the integration flows. Read the announcement, check out the detailed blogpost on how to setup Edge Integration Cell, and access the documentation. For future updates, visit the  Edge Integration Cell roadmap.

API Management

Auto-registration of developers in API business hub enterprise

The API business hub enterprise enables you to explore the APIs, read the associated API documentation, and view resources. Now we offer a registration procedure for application developers leveraging the role-collection assignments in SAP BTP. This enhances the user experience by automatically assigning predefined roles based on role collections, reducing manual efforts by the administrator. For more information, read Register on API business hub enterprise.

New design of API business hub enterprise will get default

End of 2022 we have refreshed the user experience of the API business hub enterprise. Please be aware that starting from March 2023 the new design will be default. The classic design will be available until June 2024. Refer to Customize the visual format of the API business hub enterprise.

Cloud Integration

In-built retry functionality in the HTTP receiver adapter

We have enhanced the HTTP receiver adapter by introducing a built-in retry option, facilitating the reattempt of failed HTTP requests. This feature proves especially valuable for addressing backend HTTP server issues. Users can now configure the retry option to specify HTTP error response codes (such as 503 or 429) that trigger a retry. Additionally, they can set the number of iterations and the time interval between each retry.

This enhancement extends to the ability to configure connection retry to a target system in the event of failed HTTP requests. This feature is particularly useful when the backend HTTP server encounters challenges in serving requests, especially intermittent issues. Access more information in the blogpost and the documentation.

Urgent reminder: upgrade to new version of third-party connectors now

As of SAP note 3001980 the following previous adapter versions have been deprecated since end of 2020: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM. No new features or enhancements have been introduced for these deprecated adapter versions. Effective January 1st, 2024, these versions will no longer be operational.

Action is required from customer side. Please choose one of the following options: either migrate to updated new adapter versions and take advantage of the new features (request access to migration documentation by or acquire new Advantco adapter versions directly from Advantco with support provided exclusively by Advantco. Additionally, it is necessary to delete integration flows using the adapters that are no longer in use and undeploy the adapters.

Inspect system memory usage

Since June of this year, we have implemented the powerful Inspect feature, enabling you to analyze the database resources utilized by your integration flows. As integration flows consume system memory at runtime, we have further enhanced the feature. Now, you can also inspect the system memory usage per integration flow for a specific time period. Check out the document and refer to the blogpost from June Inspecting and understanding resource consumption of your integration content.

Analysis of metered messages

Now you can analyze metered messages as a self-service. High-level insights, including a summary of messages processed within a selected date range, are provided. This includes differentiation between messages exclusively exchanged between SAP applications and the chargeable ones. Additionally, you have the option to delve into the details of a specific integration flow and download a report for further verification and audit purposes. Refer to the documentation.

B2B Integration

Upcoming new openSAP course

We are happy to shout out that a new openSAP course Manage B2B scenarios effectively with SAP Integration Suite is upcoming. Start of the 3 weeks course will be January 9th. Enroll today!

Update on B2B libraries cXML, ASC X12, and Tradacoms

We have extended our rich type systems (B2B libraries) in recent months by new SOAP message versions for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, based on the data from the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. Now we have expanded it again by new versions for ASC X12 and cXML. Additionally, the Tradacoms format (from GS1 UK) is now available. You have the full end-to-end support for Tradacoms messages in Trading Partner Management and can use the type system for modelling guidelines in Integration Advisor. Check out the blogpost for more information.

Import customer-extended IDocs

The Integration Advisor capability significantly simplifies the handling of customer-extended IDocs. You are now able to import your extended IDoc and reference it to the standard IDoc.

Support for the ProcessDirect adapter in Trading Partner Management

Trading Partner Management is now supporting the ProcessDirect adapter. You may define the ProcessDirect adapter as the sender or receiver adapter in the company and the trading partner profiles. This offers you the possibility to use adapter types not yet supported. Understand the integration flow configuration within the documentation.

Custom search attributes in B2B monitoring

We have extended the B2B monitoring by additional filtering attributes to give you the option to work directly with the most important parameters. You are able to define up to 10 custom search attributes in the B2B design space which can be consumed and used to filter for parameters such as a document ID. Refer to the documentation.

Migration to SAP Integration Suite

New rules for Migration Assessment

We have improved the quality of the Migration Assessment capabilities, used to assess the effort and the feasibility of the migration of SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration scenarios to SAP Integration Suite, by adding new rules. Also, we provide more information like the number of processed messages or the extraction status.

New templates for migration tooling

As you may know, the migration tool that is part of the Cloud Integration designer is based on a set of integration flow templates. We have shipped additional templates for the async/sync bridge, mail attachments, and for content-based routing and recipient list.

Support for older SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration releases

We can’t emphasize it enough. Both the Migration Assessment and the migration tooling are supporting now former SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration releases as 7.5, 7.4, and 7.31. Find additional information in the documentation.

Integration Assessment

New learning journey on defining and executing an enterprise integration strategy

A free SAP Learning Journey Getting Started with SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology is now available. The course is designed for beginners and covers important concepts such as SAP's integration strategy, the four phases of the methodology, and its tool-based approach enabled by the Integration Assessment capability. Learners have the opportunity to join the SAP Learning Group for additional support and collaboration.

SAP Business Accelerator Hub

Subscription to integration and event packages

The SAP Business Accelerator Hub has been expanded to allow users to be notified about lifecycle changes to content. Users can subscribe to an integration package or event and receive proactive emails about changes such as API deprecation and new successor APIs. If users wish to stop receiving these updates, they can mute the notifications via the My Subscriptions page. Refer to the documentation.

Become an Integration Black-Belt

We have updated the Black-Belt certification program to help you learn how to solve complex challenges by using SAP Integration Suite. Upon completion of the program, participants will earn a "black belt" badge, symbolizing their expertise. Get access to the learning program that is hosted on the SAP Learning Hub through this link.

How to stay tuned on recent and upcoming innovations?

Our roadmap gives you the answers to where we are heading with SAP Integration Suite. You can easily check out the latest innovations and follow what is planned for the following quarters. All recent innovations also cover links to blogposts or documentation - use the tab Features within each of the blue tiles.

We also refer to the complete list of new releases in our documentation: What’s New in SAP Integration Suite.

And if you have not heard of our monthly webinars, I suggest you sign up to get an invitation to the upcoming ones. Our team of Product Management experts host these webinars to showcase the latest and greatest updates regarding all SAP Integration Suite capabilities. The webinars are hosted on the last Tuesday of every month and the next one is scheduled for next year, January 30th.

In case you have missed our last monthly webinar, don’t worry. Visit 2023 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Integration Suite for all recordings, presentations, and Q&As.