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The new year has started already with big steps, and it is time to present the January highlights of SAP Integration Suite. Detailed presentations and a Q&A section with helpful questions by you, you find in the recording of our Monthly Updates webinar that happened last week.

SAP Integration Suite highlights are:

  • AdvancedEventMesh adapter for event mediation
  • Simply search for a flow step in complex integration flows
  • Manual configuration of proxy settings for some adapters in Edge runtime
  • Reminder: Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors before March 2024
  • Simplified mass-maintenance in TPM via extended agreement template configuration
  • Support for custom SOA messages in Integration Advisor
  • New Tradacoms message standard
  • New rules for Migration Assessment
  • Message mapping and function library integration in migration tool
  • Virtual host information as part of the API for Edge Integration Cell
  • New pre-built integration content by our partners

Cloud Integration

AdvancedEventMesh adapter for event mediation

We have recently published the AdvancedEventMesh adapter connecting the Cloud Integration with advanced event mesh brokers through the Solace message format (SMF) message protocol. You may consume in Cloud Integration guaranteed messages from queues or non-persistent messages using a topic subscription. And you can send messages to queues or topics. The adapter is designed to handle large-scale event processing, making it suitable for enterprise-level applications. It is available with the SAP Integration Suite, standard and premium editions. See the initial version of the sender and receiver adapters at the SAP Business Accelerator Hub and check the details within the documentation.


Simply search for a flow step in complex integration flows

The integration flow editor in Cloud Integration has been extended offering you a search for an existing flow step. Within the palette you can search the step by its type, name, or ID. This search is also available for deployed integration flows and accessible from the runtime views (Monitor and Inspect). This extremely helpful feature helps you e.g., to easily identify a step causing an issue like memory exhaustion as you can copy a step ID in Inspect and navigate to the flow view. Refer to the documentation.


Manual configuration of proxy settings for some adapters in Edge runtime

We have enabled the following adapters to support the proxy type manual in case you have set the Edge Integration Cell as runtime profile. With this setting you can configure the proxy host and port by yourself. Supported are the adapters ELSTER receiver, SFTP sender, SFTP receiver, and SFTP sender adapter used with the poll enrich step.


Reminder: Upgrade to new version of third-party connectors before March 2024

As per SAP note 3001980 the following previous adapter versions are deprecated since end of 2020: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM. There haven't been any new features or enhancements for these previous adapter versions. As of March 1st, 2024, the previous adapter versions will no longer run.

Action is urgently required from the customer side. Please either migrate to updated new adapter versions and benefit from new features (request access to migration documentation by or purchase new Advantco adapter versions from Advantco with support from Advantco only. Additionally, you must delete integration flows using the adapters that are no longer in use and undeploy the adapters.

B2B Integration

Simplified mass-maintenance in TPM via extended agreement template configuration

Minimize the efforts required to establish trading partner scenario by reusing a common mapping across multiple agreements. Additional to copying an agreement from a template it is also possible now to create a new trading partner agreement by referencing to the template. With this new option you may change the common mapping and do a refresh for all bound trading partner agreements. For more information refer to the documentation.


Support for custom SOA messages in Integration Advisor

We are more and more extending the set of supported a third custom type system. It is already possible to upload custom messages as XSDs or custom IDocs (refer to recently published blog post). Now you may upload also proprietary or modified SAP S/4HANA SOA messages as a WSDL file. With this new feature you may add new nodes or reorder nodes in standard SAP S/4HANA SOA messages or create your own SOA messages. Migration of existing standard message MIGs to a custom message MIG is supported. And the proposal service of the Integration Advisor will use MIGs based on these messages and enrich its knowledge graph. For more information refer to our documentation.


New Tradacoms message standard

The new message standard Tradacoms has been introduced in December already. GS1 Tradacoms was the core message standard from early days in Retails for EDI. Therefore, important to have it in the Cloud now. A new blogpost has been published detailing out how to use it.

API Management

Edge Integration Cell API shows virtual host information

When using the wizard for designing an API for the Edge Integration Cell runtime, the selected runtime profile now shows the virtual host information for this API. For more information, see the documentation pages create an API artifact using URL and create an API using an imported API definition.

Migration Assessment and migration tool

New rules for Migration Assessment

We have released a couple of new rules for improving the assessment results of the Migration Assessment capability that is used to assess the effort and the feasibility of the migration of SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration scenarios to the Cloud Integration capability of SAP Integration Suite.

Message mapping and function library integration in migration tool

Customers moving their integration projects to SAP Integration Suite can now import Integrated Configuration Object (ICOs) that contain message mapping objects with dependent resources such as function library objects. In Cloud Integration, reusable message mapping artifacts are created.  Within the migration wizard you have also the option to import only supported message mapping objects and skip the unsupported ones.

Additionally, new migration templates such as for multicast and for recipient list with order at runtime have been shipped. And an AS2 adapter with preset parameters is now generated in Cloud Integration if you have a scenario with AS2 adapter in SAP Process Orchestration.

SAP Business Accelerator Hub

New pre-built integration content has been published by our partners to our public central content catalog, the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. For customers from the B2B sector, PROCLANE has published Salesforce and PAYONE adapters. Effective People A/S offers an event-driven integration to generate employee initials within the SAP SuccessFactors EC. Pricefx comes with new integrations with SAP S/4HANA and Degreed with SAP SuccessFactors integration packs. Check out the blogpost New partner content on SAP Business Accelerator Hub (Q4 ’23) and access the partner listing on SAP Business Accelerator Hub that is going along with all published content. In case you are interested in partnering with us see the details of our partner program.

How to stay tuned on recent and upcoming innovations?

The SAP Road Map Explorer is your one-stop shop for all SAP Integration Suite innovations. You can easily check out the latest innovations and follow what is planned for the following quarters. All recent innovations also cover under the tab Features further links to blogposts or documentation.


We also refer to the complete list of new releases in our documentation: What’s New in SAP Integration Suite.

And if you have not heard of our monthly webinars, I suggest you sign up to get an invitation to the upcoming ones. Our team of Product Management experts host these webinars to showcase the latest and greatest updates regarding all SAP Integration Suite capabilities. The webinars are hosted on the last Tuesday of every month and the next one is already scheduled for February 27th.

In case you have missed our last monthly webinar, don’t worry. Visit 2024 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Integration Suite for all recordings, presentations, and Q&As.

Are you aware of the Release Navigator for SAP BTP? It consolidates release information across SAP BTP products and services easing you the way to find product release related notes, blogposts, and webpages. For your convenience use the direct link to the SAP Integration Suite section of the Release Navigator.