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Are you wondering : Why is Big Data important and why now? What does Big Data mean to you? How is impacting you – both at a personal level and within your profession? What is the economic value that Big Data delivers? Then read on...

The true value of Big data is how the data is used – to understand what happened, to predict what’s likely to happen or to influence the behavior of for example consumers of your businesses product or service.  The fundamental change that Big Data brings is a new way of solving existing problems as well as the ability to create new possibilities. Once you get this “AHA” it brings about an awareness of being able to see situations in a new light. The analogy I like to use is that of a person who has poor vision – the day the vision is corrected either by getting contact lenses or laser procedure – they see things they missed before.

At Sapphire Orlando you will get the opportunity to listen to leading customers e.g Burberry, McLaren, Pirelli, prominent speakers such as Rick Smolan, author of The Human Face of Big Data and knowledgeable SAP executives like Steve Lucas who co-led the recent Federal Big Data commission report share their perspectives on Big Data.

However not all sessions have the word “Big Data” in the title or abstract. More likely you will hear SAP HANA being mentioned. To highlight the moments that you found beneficial I invite you to share your “AH-HANA moment” via twitter in the form of a tweet, photo, blog post or video and add  #BigData and #SAPPHIRENOW to the tweet

Take it one step further by:

I will be monitoring the conversation and highlighting the most interesting Big Data moment

Last but not least, I invite you to stop by the discussion table - DT605 - where we can have an in-person converstation regarding your Big Data requirements