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You've been talking, we've been listening. The improved trial experience will be the first opportunity for you to check out the exciting new features we bring to SAP Cloud Platform for yourself. It's your chance to try a whole catalog of services and features, which will help improve your work. For instance, users who created a new Cloud Foundry trial account on or after April 2nd, 2020, can now interact with their trial account via CLI (command line interface) and APIs. We've also introduced so called directories (beta) and custom properties to better organize, group and filter your subaccounts. Existing trial accounts will not be affected by these changes.

Have a look at what these new features can do for you:

  • Get empowered and receive more control over your account structures and resources (#CLI, #Automation, #devOPS, #cost management)

  • Improve your account structuring, manipulation and usability (#Directories, #hierarchical setting propagation, #Recipes)

  • Enjoy Openness and Integration – connect resources and content into the platform, integrate processes in/out of the platform (#APIs)

1. Command Line Interface for SAP Cloud Platform & APIs – New Ways to Interact with Your Trial

As an alternative client to the cockpit, a CLI is now available for trial users – especially for those who prefer to interact with SAP Cloud Platform with the help of the command line. To use the CLI, download the client from our tools page. Use the CLI for global account and subaccount administration, such as the management of users and their authorizations. Have a look at the documentation for a list of all existing CLI commands.

You can also choose to use APIs to manage, build, and extend the capabilities of your trial experience via programmatic access through an application that you write or through a third-party tool. Again, this is yet another alternative to the cockpit and it allows you to, for example, manage your global accounts, regions, and entitlements. Check out the documentation if you want to know more.


2. Custom Properties & Directories (Beta) – Organize Your Subaccounts


Directories enable smarter search and personalized filter capabilities, meaning they allow you to group existing subaccounts however you like within your global account. Manage, for instance, authorizations and entitlements at directory level and save a lot of time since you don't have to do that for each individual subaccount. This way, users can better manage their account and their resources. If you want to learn more about how to use groups to organize your subaccounts, check out the documentation.

You can now also add custom properties to your existing subaccounts and directories for easier filtering. You can think of those as labels that you ascribe to your existing subaccounts. They make it easier to manage and structure your subaccounts within your global account. If you want to get more details on how your use custom properties, have a look at the documentation.

Still not convinced? Get a free SAP Cloud Platform trial account and see for yourself!