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There are over 118,000 minutes of play in an NBA season. That’s a lot of data. But where does it all go? In the past, it lived in handwritten archives that were stored behind closed doors. Curious fans had to settle for the box scores in the newspaper, the next day. While it doesn’t seem that long ago, those days are long gone.

The NBA has always considered fans a part of the family and is laser-focused on increasing the fan experience in a multitude of ways. But it starts with technology. provides fans with live data so they can capture all the stats they want, when they want. SAP has even taken those historic stats (70 years’ worth) and crunched that data into the SAP HANA database. Speaking of historic, we just witnessed one of the greatest NBA Finals ever. And we’ve seen all the basic numbers on points per game, rebounds, assists, etc. But the NBA stats page goes far beyond the basics. For instance, during the 2016 NBA Playoffs, did you know…

  • Klay Thompson led all players in distance ran with 60.7 miles
  • Kevin Love had the highest offensive rating (# of points scored per 100 possessions while on the court) with 117.8
  • While Amir Johnson led all players in FG% with 66.7%, Channing Frye actually led in True Shooting % with 79.1%. This advanced stat is a customized shooting % that includes an adjusted value for 3 pointers and foul shots made
  • LeBron James made a game-changing block with the championship on the line. He traveled 76 ft. in 3.92 seconds with a highest avg speed of 16.8 mph, and jumped 11.2 ft to block the ball

*For all players who played more than 12 minutes a game*

The NBA is on the forefront of innovation, and the fans are noticing. Engagement is up 65% and almost a billion people access the NBA experience. But the NBA is also leveraging technology in many other ways, on the back-end. Watch this enticing video from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, to see it all:

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