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SAP Integration Suite on the Business Technology Platform (BTP formerly called SCP) is a versatile, enterprise-grade integration Platform as a Service with simple consumption-based pricing.

SAP Integration Suite

Instead of going through the different services in detail and what they do (which countless people have already done) let’s look at what we can build with these services.

That said:

  • if you want to learn more about the SAP integration strategy and how SAP IS fits in check out our strategy paper here.

  • If you want to learn how your enterprise can fulfil its diverse integration requirements be they SAP to SAP, SAP to non-SAP or non-SAP to non-SAP please check out Gautham’s blog here.

  • Finally, for those who love to dig into the technical capabilities of this IaaS platform, why not try our integration suite journey in our discovery center.

What can you do with SAP Integration Suite



With Integration Suite, you can do A2A integration like never before! It is true that A2A integration with SAP is nothing new. I have been doing this for over a decade.

But, with over 1500 integration packages to get you started, a knowledge-based tool that generate mapping proposals for you and over 160 connectors to non-SAP SaaS application. There is no stopping you.


Even B2B becomes easy (or at least easier) with Integration Suite. SAP now delivers common interface definitions for all the popular message types: UN/EDIFACT, cXML, ASC X12, EANCOM, VDA,
UNCEFACT, ISO, etc. SAP also delivers or will deliver all the standard SAP interfaces so there is no longer a need to export these definitions out of your on-premises and cloud systems. Add to this ML-based recommendations and the automatic generation of documentation and runtime integration
objects and you have the perfect strategy to revamp your B2B scenarios.



Digital compliance can be a burden on some enterprises with ever-changing country-specific
mandates on the submission of electronic documents. SAP provides a fully integrated solution running on integration suite and your S/4 or ECC backend. SAP provides maintenance covering all legal changes across all components of the solution.

Fully integrated solutions from the front
office to the back office, with secure user identification and connectivity and with user propagation the entire way through. Apply our best practices to API security policies to minimize risk in all consumer interactions. Leverage our packaged integration content for SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud and non-SAP systems like social media platforms and enjoy a simpler implementation cycle and a better user experience.


Event Driven

Add the ability to publish and subscribe to events as part of an event-driven architecture while leveraging SAP and non-SAP connectors. React to event triggers across clouds and landscapes by building serverless functions for new applications or as extensions to existing ones

Digital integration hub


Digital integration hub is an

“advanced application architecture that aggregates multiple back-end system of record data sources into a low-latency and scale-out, high-performance data store”
                                                             - Gartner

Essentially, this is an API based, microservice architecture with a SAP HANA based high-performance in-memory cache.

The result is improved customer, partner, and employee
satisfaction due to rapid response times, while achieving a decoupling of back-end system from the integration layer to free up cycles for back-end systems to execute other processes.

Moreover, your microservices can follow a domain-driven approach using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.


Digital Economy


  • API monetization that enables customer to define their own rate plans and meter API calls

  • Integration with SAP Subscription Billing

  • Turnkey developer portal to engage with internal and
    external developers and partners


Next I will cover how to upgrade your content to the new Integration Suite platform services in multi-cloud in part 2 of this blog series.
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