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The updated version of the HANA cloud image for SAP Predictive Analytics hosted on AWS is now available in the SAP store. Like in the earlier version of the cloud image, customers and partners can run the available scenarios with the sample data sets or evaluate the scenarios with custom data sets. The HANA cloud image hosted on AWS depicts the pre-built HANA models and the predictive models with specific data visualization for a few customer centric scenarios.

Update on RDS:

As of the current writing, the version 5 of SAP Predictive Analytics RDS has been released on Aug 10th 2015. This release has few updates in terms of the predictive models, the data visualization capabilities and customer POCs that were developed. As part of the RDS offering there are about 30 scenarios across 9 domains (5 Industries and 4 LoBs). There was a new POC in Finance domain developed for a Home care customer in UK and another POC in Portfolio & Project management domain developed for a consulting customer firm in Denmark.

Scenarios available in the HANA cloud image on AWS:

The updated cloud image has many more pre-built scenarios made available to run on the hosted AWS environment. There are about 24 scenarios across 8 domains (5 industries and 3 LoBs). These scenarios help the customers and partners to get a complete end-to-end story in the context of HANA.

  • Banking LoB
    • Customer Attrition Analysis
  • Consumer Products Industry
    • Brand Sentiment and Sales Analysis
    • Demand Data Analysis
    • Product fulfillment and Optimization
  • Finance LoB
    • Company Performance Analysis
    • Late-Payment Management
    • Customer Cash Collection Analysis
  • Manufacturing LoB
    • Customer Demand and Inventory Management
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Asset Breakdown Analysis
    • Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • Portfolio & Project Management LoB
    • Project Profitability Analysis
  • Retail Industry
    • Market Basket Opportunities
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • Store Clustering
  • Sales & Marketing LoB
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Market Segmentation
    • Market Campaign Success
    • Product Recommendation
    • Pipeline and Revenue Forecasting
  • Telco Industry
    • Churn Modeling and Offer recommendation
    • Post-paid Analysis
    • Rotational Churn Detection
    • Multi-SIM Detection

Architecture of the Cloud Image:

The pre-built HANA cloud image is available (in the SAP store) for a trial period of 30 days. During this time, there is no additional cost to access this image as long as you have an AWS account. The cloud image is hosted on AWS and hence you will need to pay a nominal fee towards AWS but the access to HANA cloud image is available for trial and evaluation purposes in the context of customer centric scenarios.

Follow this blog that explains in detail about how to get access to AWS and SAP CAL account. The blog has a link to a video which explains the steps in detail.


In the upcoming weeks, the cloud image shall be updated with some more scenarios and later versions of the SAP predictive tools.

Please click here to access the HANA Enterprise Cloud image for Predictive Analytics on AWS in the SAP store.