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These are exciting times for a guy like me: Recently I have more and more discussions with SAP customers that face the challenge to move their business to the future. And sure enough, the Cloud is considered a good way to to this. However, it is hard for customers to understand if the Cloud is really the best approach – or just a hyped silver bullet.

Well, being in the Cloud business for quite some time I obviously think that Cloud can be the right approach. But I do not expect that somebody simply buys the story without reason. So I went to SAP TechEd 2015 to share my view on why Cloud is beneficial for SAP Business Suite customers. One of my sessions was DEV101 that you can watch here:

This session actually reflects what has happened in lots of discussions with SAP Business Suite customers: The starting point often is the question what would be possible if there was an easy and fast way to innovate without impacting core SAP Business Suite systems. The discussed ideas then typically are scenarios like integrating business partners or customers in existing business processes; like offering Business Suite solutions on mobile devices; like enabling employees, partners and customers to do business around the globe and around the clock; like creating completely new user experience or innovative business scenarios  – all this without impacting existing SAP Business Suite systems.

What happens next is that I have the opportunity to explain how exactly these scenarios can be implemented with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform just as they desire: Easy, fast, with minimal impact to the core SAP systems. After that I am usually faced with an crowd of quite excited people that are happily discussing all that nice innovations that so far could not be realized and now suddenly become feasible and viable. The discussion then regularly ends with draft sketches of feasible solution architectures that have been worked out on the fly with the customer.

It is hard to reflect the excitement of such sessions in a lecture - however I am quite convinced that it will help you to understand your options how to innovate your SAP Business Suite using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. In case you got some inspiration from the session then do not hesitate to immediately realise a prototype for free: Just visit, get your free SAP HANA Cloud Platform developer account and get started today!

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