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In SAP MDG on SAP S/4HANA 2021, a new analytics framework is delivered: Change Analytics for Master Data in Change Requests. With it, you can create analytics capabilities for your end users to get deep insights about what has been changed in your change requests.

With these analytics capabilities, you can monitor change requests for important attributes changes (including also Create and Delete of sub views) in your master data, and identify and fix process gaps, bottlenecks, and errors.

These analytics capabilities help your end users to answer questions, like:

  • How many open change requests are changing bank account for business partners?

  • How often are critical attributes, for example, Product Description, changed in the past?

  • Which companies have open change request approval for payment data changes?

  • In which plant has the planning data been changed more often than others?

Framework highlights Include:

  • Easy-to-use configuration to meet various business needs

  • Integrated authorization control on master data and segmentation

  • Enabled for SAP delivered models and custom data models

  • Enablement of most analytics tools with standard analytics annotations, for example, SAP S/4 Smart Business, SAP Analytics Cloud

Solution Technology Overview

The solution is based on analytics CDS views which is a widely used technology in SAP S/4HANA analytics. The main purpose of the framework is to support you in generating these analytics CDS views for your data model entity type.  Based on the analytics CDS views, various analytics tools, for example, Smart Business Generic Drilldown reports, Web Query, Analytics Path Framework, SAP Analytics Cloud etc., can be used as a UI layer.

Example: Drill-down Report application configured using SAP S/4 HANA Smart Business

Example: Analytical List Page application configured using SAP S/4 HANA Smart Business

Example Dashboard using SAP Analytics Cloud

Get Started

This How-To document will guide you through the change analytics configuration by using this framework together with SAP S/4HANA Smart Business and SAP Analytics Cloud.


dear Wang,


thank you for sharing this blog. Apart of the specific MDG Analytics models that are part of S4H_2021 is there any other analytical query / cds view available in MDG system?


Thanks in advance,

hi Manos,

sorry for the late reply, you can find all MDG published analytics CDS views

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Hi Kefeng Wang

Thanks for the article on the MDG change Management process. To my understanding MDG is a shared instance which controls the Master data changes as out of box.

My question- In case we create the Portfolio structure ( Master Data)  in Operational instance, Can MDG control the change managment and governance controls using out of box supporting the operational instance?


Ramu Prasad