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This blog focuses on the new "Test Suite Dashboard" delivered to customers as part of SP10 of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager delivery. In this blog series I will discuss in detail about how the dashboard can be used for reporting and monitoring the various testing stages.

What is Test Suite Dashboard?  

In Focused Build, the test suite of SAP Solution Manager is extended by additional applications and functionalities. One of such applications is the Test Suite Dashboard. 

It is an analytical dashboard based on SAP Fiori elements to monitor the status of various testing phases.  

The dashboard is available in two modes in the SAP Solution Manager Launchpad. 

  • Test Suite mode 

  • Focused Build mode  

The Focused Build Mode comes with project integration for Focused Build projects.  

When using Focused Build without project management, select Test Suite Mode.  


Who will use it and how? 

Test managers can use this dashboard for test preparation, test execution and defect status relevant monitoring. Using the Focused Build mode can quickly check the test case coverage across various work packages. 

In the test execution phase, test manager can monitor the test cases status under various test packages and plans. Critical test cases and the progress on test cases of type test steps can also be monitored. 

The defect monitoring is also a critical aspect in test management and the dashboard gives insights about count of defects in different status and priority values. It also shows the critical defects that require quick action. 

Using this application, test managers can configure views as per their focus area to keep track of the test management activities across the project.

Key Takeaways

  • This dashboard gives better insight into activities like test preparation, test execution and defect monitoring.

  • It gives more flexibility to test managers by letting them configure views based around their own focal points and monitor test management tasks.

Next Blogs

In the forthcoming blogs of this series, I’ll discuss about the Overview Page based cards and the Analytical List Page based detail pages of the dashboard.

I’ll keep updating and adding new features and developments as and when they come in future.

Please feel free to provide feedback either directly here in the comment section or, in case of questions, you can submit them here. You are also encouraged to follow SAP Solution Manager tag here and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager tag here.

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