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The SAP S/4H solution line of SAP UI data protection masking and logging continues to evolve with the latest release (version 2011) being available as of 27 November 2020.

Apart from new features and strong improvements to usability, this version stands out for technically integrating the masking and logging code lines into one technical add-on, which allows to cross-leverage features already in this release with more to come!

For a detailed and depicted overview, check out the SAP UI Data Protection 2011 release information and features document.

The UI data protection masking part provides additional ways of restricting access to data and more powerful, user-friendly ways of building and managing context-aware access determination policies.

In detail, new features are:

  • Additional option for protecting sensitive data through data blocking and navigation restrictions

  • A dashboard for IT and data protection and security officers to monitor the software

  • Improved configuration options

    • A configuration app based on SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori UX

    • Enhanced tracing to evaluate and understand the results of authorization checks

    • Simplifying derived attributes, and enabling them to provide additional context, such as user attributes and external attributes.

  • Integration option for UI data protection logging to leverage attribute-based determinations for conditional logging

In the UI data protection logging part, we are improving security and usability, and provide new options to decrease the volume of data stored in the log files:

  • Improvement of usability and security in analysis tools

    • Detail view (name-value pairs) enhanced for human readability

    • Pseudonymization of user IDs in analysis tools

    • Logging of activities in UIL analysis tools

  • Functional innovations

    • Reduced volume logging

      • “Basic (condensed) logging”, to limit details stored per roundtrip to (sub)screen names; tag fields; and critical actions. Other information is discarded at the point of logging.

      • “Conditional logging” to discard details or complete roundtrips while transferring logs to the repository, based on critical objects and policies (leveraging structure and objects from UI data protection masking, if existing).

    • Ability to log, display, and search for change of data in SAP GUI and Web Dynpro ABAP

    • Options to set up multiple business areas with different assignment of responsible users

Let us know what you think!
Are we on a good track with the features? Do we solve some of the challenges you see with our solution? Did you expect or hope for other features and functionality - and which ones?

We as product management team would be happy to hear back from you!