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What is a TPM template?

TPM template is a form that consists of unique set of values. These values are customizable and defined by the user. Each templates are created for specific business requirements. A value in the template represents referential information that is defined as per the business transaction. You can attach a template to multiple functional profiles and use them during message mapping runtime.

What types of parameters are found in a template?

A template consists of the following parameters:

  • Display Name
  • Display Type
  • Code List
  • Property Key
  • Default Value

What are Key-pair values?

A set of property keys and associated values that are defined in a template are known as Key-value pairs.

Important ℹ : These keys and values are case sensitive.

What kind of templates can be created?

Templates are custom build forms that stores generic data which can be reusable. Based on your business requirement you can create different templates. For example, templates for Material Code Mapping, EDI separators for partners, status Indicator fields and so on.

Important ℹ : Templates are attached only to functional profiles

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