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1. Joule for Consultants and Joule for Developers

When you ask ChatGPT in various languages, you receive a good answer based on the underlying LLM's training. However, the likes of ChatGPT do not know ABAP (SAP's proprietary programming language) and are not very familiar with business processes.

Consider buying a TV with a setup manual. If you want to wall mount it, it also includes instructions. Essentially, you need expertise for the setup process (configuration in software terms) and the right deployment approach in the cloud (wall mounting the TV).

In the SAP ecosystem, answers to technical questions (e.g., "Should I use 4 screws or 6 for my TV wall mount?") and functional questions (e.g., "Can I get Netflix streaming on my new TV?") come from SAP consultants. These experts have real-life experience and refined skills to optimize customer solutions.

Now, SAP, in collaboration with NVIDIA, has developed "Joule with SAP Consulting Capabilities" and "Joule with ABAP Developer Capabilities." As Thomas Saueressig put it, "a certified SAP consultant, always on your side." This powerful knowledge base will greatly benefit customers, partners, and the entire SAP ecosystem.

training data for Joule for consultantstraining data for Joule for consultants


 2. The trillion-dollar club of companies relies on SAP to get things done

Nvidia is not only an SAP partner in developing generative AI but also an SAP customer. As Jensen Huang said during a live webcast with Christian Klein, "the entire world is on your shoulders, my friend." Jensen joined Christian on stage from Taiwan, where he is working to unite the ecosystem of Taiwanese companies to build AI infrastructures for the world.

Apple, another trillion-dollar company, has SAP at the heart of its infrastructure. SAP is integral to every new iPhone that is shipped and powers several aspects of Apple's business operations. Apple also uses SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) for new integrations and app use cases.

At Amazon, several organizations use SAP, including Twitch and Zappos, for mission-critical workloads. Additionally, AWS announced Project Kuiper, an ambitious program to deliver broadband access to underserved communities worldwide via a satellite network. Project Kuiper chose RISE with SAP.

3. Joule and Co-Pilot

Now, it is not only with Amazon, Apple and Nvidia – SAP does also have a significant relationship with Microsoft, another trillion-dollar company. With Microsoft, SAP announced that SAP’s Joule and Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365 will be integrated. Translation: Depending on where you start your workflow, there will be a seamless ‘handover’ of the Questions and answer you get from Joule to Co-pilot and vice-versa.

3. Joule and Co-Pilot.png


4. Joule, Everywhere

SAP's Co-pilot, Joule, is available throughout the entire SAP cloud solutions portfolio, including S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, and Concur. Look for the Joule symbol, usually located in the top right corner of the screen you are working on. If you are using the latest version of the SAP solution, with Joule embedded, you're all set. SAP has conducted extensive analysis of user interactions with the most frequently executed tasks and has optimized Joule for enhanced task management. By the end of this year, 80% of these commonly used tasks will be manageable via Joule, embedded directly within the cloud applications.

Additionally, customers will be able to leverage new AI use cases through SAP’s Generative AI Hub. This allows customers to create their own customized AI by choosing from a variety of large language models (LLMs) that SAP integrates with. Customers can focus on specific AI use cases, facilitated through SAP BTP’s Generative AI Hub, which ensures a reliable and responsible approach.



 5. RISE with SAP

Switching gears from AI to SAP's 52 years of experience, THE CORE ERP.

87% of the world’s GDP runs on SAP, and 25% of that is on RISE! RISE is SAP’s solution for business transformation in the cloud. This offering focuses on redesigning business models, adopting industry best practices, simplifying end-to-end processes to eliminate modifications, and transitioning to a clean core. Already, over 6,000 customers have chosen RISE, which now supports around 110,000 systems.

With the next Evolution of RISE (RISE is already 3 years old!), SAP brings:

  • Dedicated SAP Enterprise Architect: Each customer is assigned a dedicated architect
  • Business Process Management via Signavio: Streamlining and optimizing business processes
  • Aligned SAP and Non-SAP Application Architecture: Via LeanIX, and,
  • SAP Cloud ALM (Application Lifecycle Manager): Overseeing the entire lifecycle of applications.

Additionally, SAP collaborates with partners, certifying them through the SAP Partner Validated Program for RISE.




Maintaining a clean core is essential for innovation-ready systems and the rapid adoption of new technologies. Legacy systems burdened with custom code can limit agility and increase operational costs. Notably, over 65% of custom code is unused, underscoring the need to address technical debt.

The RISE and GROW approach with SAP emphasize a path toward a clean core, while still acknowledging that no two companies operate the same way. When necessary, applications can be extended on BTP, allowing for substantial innovation since core processes across companies (such as finance, procurement, and HR) are quite similar.

SAP is committed to keeping the core clean, ensuring room for innovation as the world evolves. This commitment is demonstrated by the rapid proliferation and adoption of AI in the last 1-2 years. For instance, many new AI innovations mentioned at Sapphire are much easier to adopt if customers are already operating in a clean core paradigm. In these cases, it is just a switch!

7. GROW now includes SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Concur Expense.

Not every customer is a trillion-dollar entity. In fact, most of the world operates with mid-sized enterprises. For these companies, SAP has been heavily investing in solutions tailored to their needs, maintaining a clean core approach but focusing on the small and medium enterprise market segment. SAP's GROW offering is designed specifically for this segment, providing the full capabilities of a mature ERP system, leveraging SAP's 52 years of expertise in ERP solutions. Additionally, these offerings come with pre-configured best practices across several industries.

At Sapphire, it was announced that GROW with SAP now includes SAP Concur and SAP Sales Cloud


8. SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)

When a platform is mentioned less frequently while other applications are highlighted more, it is a sign of its maturity. From the applications side, whether it's GROW, RISE, or the various AI innovations mentioned, the underlying platform is BTP. Several announcements were made regarding solutions powered by BTP, such as SAP Spend Control Tower and the embedding of Joule in SAP Analytics Cloud. BTP has become the de facto platform for the SAP world to build and integrate solutions, serving as the glue that brings innovations to fruition.



9. The WalkMe acquisition.

There are numerous innovations, both holistically at a strategic level, as highlighted in the top 1-8 takeaways, and countless others that were not mentioned in the keynotes but reside within individual applications. Additionally, it’s important to consider the methodologies for achieving these innovations. SAP Signavio can assist with process mining, while LeanIX focuses on enterprise architecture, helping businesses transform into digitally enabled enterprises.

This time, SAP is not acquiring another technology tool but rather a tool to help end users navigate and adopt its software. SAP has announced its intention to acquire 'WalkMe' to support end users and the SAP ecosystem in navigating the digital adoption path.

WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform, overlays on any application, identifying where workflows break and providing personalized guidance and automation to help your people get the job done.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Excellent compilation, Senta!

Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could point me to more details on the "Joule with SAP Consulting Capabilities".  How and where might interested users get access to this flavor of Joule? 

Thank you


Nice compilation of Sapphire Key Takeaways!!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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@AndreasMuno Currently, Joule for consultants is in SAP internal Beta. SAP services colleagues are doing testing. a "RLHF - Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback", if you will, before being released widely.