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Business is increasingly complex, but two of the Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends demonstrate how one platform can reach across all touch-points. Others talk about streamlining a sports car company, trimming fat from your vocabulary and getting the skinny on sugar.

SAP solutions help Porsche workers get the right part at the right time.

No. 1: SAP and Porsche: Driving Intelligence Performance Across the Finish Line

Porsche has produced about 820,000 of its flagship 911 vehicles over the past 50 years, but the company couldn’t deliver its speedy sports cars without fast and furious business processes. david.trites revs up to describe how the SAP ERP and SCM applications help ensure that Porsche’s manufacturing and supply logistics run as smoothly as a finely tuned engine.

No. 2: From kirana stores to hybris: SAP’s evolving Business Network strategy

SAP explained last week how it intends to enhance customer experience via its acquisition of hybris. richard.hirsch dives deep into the larger context of SAP strategy, including existing cloud assets, Ariba and the idea of “Matrix Commerce.”

No. 3: SAP and hybris Poised to Dominate “Omni-Commerce” Arena

Consumers would rather conduct their own researcher on a product than speak to a customer service representative, yet they expect each brand to treat them the same on the Web, at a call center or in a store. tim.clark reaches across all touch-points to explain how just about any company can re-capture the hearts and minds of customers in the “omni-commerce” arena, thanks to SAP’s acquisition of hybris.

No. 4: How to Eliminate Annoying Business Jargon

The Internet is full of lists featuring overused business terms that have lost all meaning, but most of those lists don’t offer any solution. So risked his work/life balance to think outside the box in order to leverage his game-changing Top 5 Most Annoying Business Buzzwords -- and then he empowers you with a remedy.

No. 5: Florida Crystals:  Managing the Sweet Business of Sugar with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

People sure do love sugar -- to the tune of more than 165 million tons consumed worldwide each year. john.ward3 tells the sweet success story of Florida Crystals, which uses SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP ERP to speed up core business processes and information distribution across its extensive supply chain.

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