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The SAP Cloud Software Development Kit is paving the way to cloud-native development. So, what are its three superpowers?

#1: It takes you where you want to go

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ramble about cloud relevance in my introduction. This is the story we both know. Instead I will tell you the story of how you can get rid of the gravity that has been holding you back, set foot on SAP Cloud Platform and create the applications you have been wishing for. I am sure you have started to adopt cloud solutions in your individual software portfolio. But you might want many more custom extensions to those solutions, or you’d really like to have that individual connection between solution X and Y. And I have some good news: we’ve got you covered. With the free SAP Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) we provide you with a straightforward multitool to easily build cloud-native applications. It’s your shuttle to the massive capabilities of SAP’s intelligent enterprise suite on SAP Cloud Platform.

#2: It shoots you through the cumbersome tasks

When building a new cloud application, you must be able to concentrate on your business value and differentiator. The SAP Cloud SDK and its related enablement offerings give you the time to do so because they spare you the inconvenient tasks. In a first step, you will be equipped with clear and essential know-how about developing modern cloud applications in the SAP ecosystem. Then, you no longer have to fumble with low-level technologies thanks to the libraries of the SDK, no matter whether you are building your app with Java or JavaScript. Finally, the open source SAP Cloud SDK for continuous delivery enables you to automate all steps from a change in the code line to the roll-out to your customer.

Forget about dragging disruptions or delays and sit back to enjoy the green wave all along your implementation steps. With the SDK you do not have to solve the same problems again and again. You can quickly deliver features, lowering risks and accelerating feedback cycles. Call it the Finally DevOps SDK. The CEO of Poksundo, a startup from the dormakaba-Group, Peter Hauser put it like this: “Our initial experience shows that the SDK provides a comprehensive and ideal tool for all integration topics around SAP Cloud Platform. We expect a significant acceleration of our DevOps processes and our continuous delivery pipeline”.

In addition, the SDK is compatible with the Cloud Application Programming Model and it sets general and SAP-specific quality standards, which simplify certification.

All those perks have contributed to the buzz we are seeing throughout the SAP community around cloud-native development. For those who have so far mainly operated in the ABAP world it is software like the SAP Cloud SDK that makes it fun and motivational to reskill towards cloud-native. For those who are already accustomed to the cloud sphere the SDK is the best driver to become a more effective and successful cloud developer.

#3: It constantly transforms according to your needs

The SAP Cloud SDK was born inside what was then SAP’s spearheading cloud-native business application, SAP RealSpend, and has been relentlessly improved by the application-building team, exchanging hands-on experiences with the global developer community. Today the team is proudly offering a central pivot in lifting SAP’s entire solution landscape to the cloud. But they are not going to rest on those laurels, and they are not going to let you in the lurch if you struggle with your cloud app project. They are there to coach you and respond to your needs. Just reach out at our dedicated TechEd sessions in Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore or through our SAP community corner to find out more!